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551 Students Named AP Scholars in the CHSD

551 Students Named AP Scholars in the CHSD  thumbnail224765

This past school year, the Central High School District had 551 students recognized by the AP Scholars program.

The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exemplary college-level success on AP Exams.

“Of those, 256 were named AP Scholars, 99 were named AP Scholars with Honor and 196 received the highest honor of AP Scholar with Distinction for having earned an average score of 3.5 (tests are scored on a 1-5 scale) on five or more AP exams,” explained Scott Bersin, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction.

The Scholars programrecognizes three levels of achievement.

  • AP Scholarawards are granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.
  • AP Scholar with Honorawards are granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken,andscores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
  • AP Scholar with DistinctionAwards are granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken,andscores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.

The AP Capstone Diploma program helps students to develop critical thinking, research, collaboration and presentation skills that are critical to academic success.Unlike traditional AP subject exams with a single end-of-year assessment, AP Seminar and AP Research assessments are project based and evaluate skills mastery through group projects, presentations and individual essays completed throughout the year.

As a participant in the prestigious AP Capstone program, the CHSD also had 63 named Capstone Scholars with 34 students earning the high honor of an AP Capstone Diploma and 29 earning an AP Capstone Seminar and Research Certificate.

“We proudly recognize the achievements of students who participated in the AP Capstone Diploma program,” added Superintendent Michael Harrington. “Our AP Capstone students and teachers showed extraordinary commitment while facing historic challenges. This is a meaningful college readiness program that will serve our students well after high school.”

Date Added: 9/21/2022

VIDEO: Calhoun Celebrates Homecoming

Calhoun Students Holding Banner thumbnail224720

The Calhoun High School football team defeated Herricks High School, 28-6 at their homecoming game on Sept. 17.

Ahead of the game, Calhoun held a festival for the community, which included school clubs, food trucks and some activities and giveaways.

Bryce Gould-Anderson and Julia Parente were named homecoming king and queen, respectively. The court also included nominees Luke Gallo, Gavin Giordano, Julianna Belbol, and Sophie Tripiccione.

Principal Nicole Hollings was in the press box, announcing the game. The Calhoun Rock Band, led by Ed Tumminelli, provided musical interludes throughout the game. Cheer and kickline teams entertained the crowd both during the game and at halftime. Charlie the Colt, the school’s mascot, was also on hand to spread school spirit.

Calhoun also dedicated the Calhoun Arch at the field’s entrance in memory of Joseph Michalski. The metal archway, which reads Calhoun Colts, was donated by the former student’s family.


Date Added: 9/20/2022

Bellmore-Merrick Kicks Off 2022-23 School Year

Bellmore-Merrick Students on First Day of School thumbnail224290
Bellmore-Merrick Students on First Day of School thumbnail224291
Bellmore-Merrick Students on First Day of School thumbnail224292

On Sept. 1, students in the Central High School District started school, ahead of a four-day break over the Labor Day weekend.

“Over the next few weeks, it will begin to feel more like home at Merrick Avenue, and less like something new,” said Principal Katelyn Dunn. “Our hallways and cafeterias were buzzing, and those first day jitters seemed to subside quickly for most.”

“As the dust settled after the passing to each class, the conversations and connections being made were fantastic,” added Grand Avenue Middle School Principal Carlo Conte.“As I visited many classrooms today, my excitement for the start of a new year was coming alive in front of my eyes.”

Ahead of school opening, the middle and high schools held orientations for incoming seventh and ninth graders to get them acclimated.

Buildings were buzzing as seniors decorated cars for their first days, seventh and ninth graders navigated their new lockers and schedules while teachers and staff donned colorful spirit wear to welcome students.

“I am so glad our students are finally able to experience high school the way it should be experienced,” added Calhoun Principal Nicole Hollings. “The energy of the students and staff was at an all-time high and I loved being around the building all day catching up with so many.”

Date Added: 9/7/2022

BM Broadcasting Ramps Up Program With Boot Camp

Collage of photos showing students with cameras at football practice and students broadcasting inside. thumbnail224239
Students work on a broadcast thumbnail224240
Students do an indoor activity with cups and plates thumbnail224241
Students use a mounted camera to film football practice thumbnail224242
Students use a mounted camera to film football practice thumbnail224243

Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting students returned to the studio early in August for its first BMB Boot Camp.

Students were reintroduced to each other and to the equipment that they use to produce their weekly broadcasts that will air throughout the year.The week was filled with team building activities and new technologies as BMB faculty Stu Stein, Lisa Kalish and Matt Russell rolled out some of the new equipment being brought online this year for the returning students and welcomed the incoming BMB class of 2026 to the program.

“It was great to be back in the studio with my friends and making new friends doing what we all love to do,” said senior and incoming BMB News Director Sean McQuillan.“Boot Camp will really help us hit the ground running this year because we really want to build on the success we all had last year.”

Last year, BMB received national recognition winning a Student Television Network Broadcast Excellence Award along with sweeping the regional Broadcast Awards for Senior High at Stony Brook.

“This year, we are expecting a lot from our seniors,” Kalish explained. “For the first time ever each of our seniors will be responsible to produce their own live event.Being a part of Boot Camp gave them the opportunity to start practicing some of the leadership skills they’ll need to be successful throughout the year.”

Sophomore Matthew Natof said he enjoyed the opportunity to get back to the studio and get reacquainted with the equipment and with friends he made last year.

“I got to be a part of the STN team to work with the upperclassmen last year as a freshman, so I was excited to get back into the studio with everyone and to start sharing some of the things I learned last year with the new freshmen,” he added.

Many rising freshmen including Emma Santiago were part of BMB’s mock broadcast of a Mepham football practice.

“The upperclassmen made me feel so welcome and I couldn’t believe I got the chance to be on camera for a few minutes on my first day,” Santiago said.

One of the highlights of the week for all the students was creating“BMB Goes Back to School,”a 20-minute special featuring many of BMB’s familiar faces highlighting the new things that people can expect when they return to school this week.Theshow can be viewed on the BMB YouTube channel.

“This has been a great week for all of us,”said McQuillan. “People are going to have to tune in all year to keep track of all the great things we’re going to be creating.”The first BMB Morning Announcements will air on Sept. 9 and BMB will launch its fall sports season by covering the Mepham boys varsity soccer match versus Wantagh on Sept. 14.

Date Added: 9/6/2022

VIDEO: BMB Goes Back to School

Welcome back video thumbnail224230

Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting students Ruby Mattes and Matthew Manno kick off the 2022-23 school year hosting BMB's Back to School special featuring reports from inside each building around the district and Lily Yepez sits down with Superintendent Michael Harrington in the first Around Campus of the year.

View the package here:

Date Added: 9/6/2022

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