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Grand Avenue Students Code Games

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Grand Avenue Middle School hosted a gaming event Dec. 18-20 during lunch periods, where students displayed their coded games in the library for students to play during lunch.

The games were created during Creative Coding classes, taught by Michelle Biancardo.

“Games like Pong and Frogger were designed and the students,” Biancardo added.

“They were created their own controllers using MIT’s Makey Makey kits that use customizable circuitry.”

Grand Avenue Tech Classes Code Drones

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The Grand Avenue Middle School PTA recently donated 10 Tello Edu drones for use in technology and coding classes at the school. 

Students in Creative Coding classes recently met in the gym for two days of fun.

“Students used code to control a swarm of Tello EDUs, to have them fly over Mission Pads and perform flips and other acrobatic movements,” explained Michelle Biancardo, a Technology and Coding teacher at Grand and Merrick Middle Schools. “Students were able to improve their programming skills while pushing the limits of their creativity.”

Yorker Club MSG Trip

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Grand Avenue's Yorker Club went on their annual behind the scenes MSG trip Friday, November 22. The members were treated to a tour of the rich history of Madison Square Garden as well as a virtual reality demonstration of the events held at the facility.

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